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Tips About The Famous BENAGIL Cave

Benagil Cave Boat Tour


Benagil, is a small fishing village between Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra that got famous in recent years thanks to its amazing sea cave. The surrounding area is wonderful, and you will find walking trails with breathtaking views, countless beautiful beaches and, of course, many other equally amazing caves and rock formations to visit.

The Benagil Cave is located on the East side of Benagil, just a few walking minutes from the car parking area. For many years, wind and water dug one of the most fantastic caves of the world, which attracts thousands of tourists every year and remind us of the unquestionable power of nature.

This impressive cave is sometimes referred as the "Benagil Cathedral" because of its arches which, viewed from the outside of the cave, look like a cathedral.

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The most comfortable and safe way visit the Inside of the Benagil Cave is by boat. There are plenty options and boarding places to suit every taste.

Our luxurious electro-solar powered catamaran is a great choice for those who want to visit the amazing Benagil Caves and discover the secrets of the Algarve coast with all the comfort and in a sustainable way, without polluting the ocean.

If you choose to visit the interior of the cave by kayak, sup or even swimming, be especially careful! The traffic of boats entering and leaving the cave is high and there is a danger of collision. In addition, you must be an experienced swimmer and be in good physical condition. We also advise against staying inside the Benagil cave. All the excess tourism in recent years in this cave is not sustainable and there are safety risks for those who visit it by swimming and stay inside. If it is essential for you to visit the cave in the interior area, avoid the summer months, the most busy hours, stay as little as possible and enjoy the precious moments inside this magnificent cave.

If you want to see the cave from above (chimney), we have some tips for you:

- Preferably go early in the morning. Benagil is very popular and there will be many other visitors. The car park is not big and there are no other alternative options.

- If possible, avoid the months between June and September, which are the months with the most tourists. The climate is mild all year round and you can enjoy it even more with less heat, adding to your visit to the chimney of the Benagil cave a walk with stunning views.

- Bring sneakers or walking sandals. The rocky and uneven terrain can be dangerous for those who bring flip-flops or inappropriate shoes.

- Respect the environment and nature. This is a protected area, which in recent years has seen a high increase in the number of tourists visiting it. On our last visit, it was with great sadness that we found litter and dirt on the busiest trails.

- Bring water and a snack. To enjoy your walk with maximum comfort, it is important to be comfortable, without thirst or hunger.

- Respect the safety signs. We know that you want to see the chimney of the Benagil Cave as closely as possible, however, too much proximity and weight could cause a rockslide or fall of stones inside the cave (which could fall on other people). Stay in the area outside the fence. The view and angles you will be able to see are amazing.

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