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Welcome to Algarve SunBoat, where love for the sea meets a commitment to sustainable tourism and a lot of passion for the sun.

Our crew, a bunch of enthusiastic sea lovers with sun-bright smiles, is on a mission for unforgettable experiences as eco-warriors.

How did it start? With a boatload of concern for Mother Nature and a passion for sailing, since 2017, we crafted the first-ever eco-friendly nautical tourism company in Portugal. Our 100% eco-friendly fleet of electro-solar boats ensure smooth, silent, and eco-friendly tours with no carbon emissions.

Cruising into a greener future, our boats harness powerful sunlight with photovoltaic panels, storing it in trusty boat batteries. No fossil fuels, no nasty exhaust fumes—just pure, clean energy. It's about harmony with Mother Nature, designed to tread lightly on the ecosystem, preserving it for future generations.

Hop aboard, sail into a future that's bright, sunny, and green! Our outstanding vessels, SunSailer and SunCat, promise eco-adventures with delightful journeys and ultra-modern comfort.


Pedro Mestre

The financial wizard turned sea captain at Algarve SunBoat. As our founder and CEO, he traded in spreadsheets for salty waves. Forget profit margins; Pedro's all about the perfect sea breeze, making waves in sustainable tourism, and, most importantly, being with people. He's the captain of finance-turned-ocean romancer, navigating the business seas with a compass in one hand and sunscreen in the other. Cheers to Pedro – a true sea enthusiast!


Ana Barbosa

The creative force steering the ship at Algarve SunBoat. As our Marketing and Commercial Director, Ana seamlessly blends her passion for customer service with a commitment to constant improvement. Her dedication ensures every event and tour aboard is not just smooth sailing, but a delightful experience, leaving a taste of excellence in every moment. Prepare for a voyage through the seas of sensational hospitality!


Sónia Dâmaso

Our financial maestro at Algarve SunBoat. As a Portimão local for life, Sónia's financial wizardry is matched only by her love for the local vibes. Need someone to untangle financial knots? Sónia's your go-to for company finance, reporting, client support, and project development. With a smile as bright as her financial insights, Sónia is the local legend who turns SunBoat's numbers into a seascape of success!


António Parreira

As an experienced captain and a retired police officer, he's traded his badge for a captain's hat. António loves two things: being with people and being on the ocean. He's here to ensure your boat tour is smoother than a suspect's alibi and more enjoyable than a day at the beach. With a smile as arresting as his seafaring skills, António is your guide to a nautical adventure that's both secure and sea-cure!

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