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SUNSAILER: Private Rental & Events

Step aboard the SunSailer and let the sunshine guide your adventure! Our eco-friendly solar boat is your ticket to adventure on the Arade River. With cushy seats and room for up to 10 of your favorite people, it's like a floating party lounge!

Dive into fun with a swim if the weather's just right, and get ready for laughs, luxury, and loads of unforgettable moments.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's sail away with SunSailer!




2+ Hours

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All year


Portimão Marina

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All ages


Arade River

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Prepare for the ultimate eco-friendly luxury adventure with SunSailer, Algarve's premier choice for private boat rentals powered by solar energy!

Cruise along the breathtaking Arade River, where each bend unveils scenic wonders waiting to be discovered. Whether you seek to explore more of the river, customize your itinerary, or host a memorable gathering with your closest companions, SunSailer is your top pick.

With room for up to 10 of your beloved friends and family, SunSailer promises an expedition brimming with joy, relaxation, and moments worth cherishing. Envision yourself basking in the sunlight on deck, enjoying your favorite beverage, and relishing the natural beauty surrounding you.

From serene sunset sails to lively celebrations and everything in between, SunSailer ensures an unforgettable journey tailored to your desires.

Perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, team-building outings, marriage proposals, intimate weddings, or simply a day of bonding with loved ones.

So, why hesitate? Reach out to us today to secure your reservation aboard the SunSailer and prepare for a voyage filled with luxury, laughter, and countless cherished memories along the Arade River!


Ready to turn your dream into a reality or host an event that's off-the-charts awesome? 

Fill out our private tour and event inquiry form for the SunSailer! Whether you're craving luxury vibes or itching to explore the pitoresque Arade River, we've got you covered. Once you hit that submit button, get ready for a VIP experience that'll make waves!

Thanks for hitting send! Hold onto your hats 'cause we're about to whip up an adventure, complete with luxury and SunBoat magic!

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