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1.    Bookings
To make a reservation you must be at least 18 years old and all the people who accompany you must be aware of these terms and conditions. You can book our tours through our website (, by phone (+351919919450), by email ( or directly at one of our sales offices, travel agents or tourist accommodation. The reservation is subject to the availability of place, the calendar and atmospheric conditions and only takes place after the confirmation of these factors by the company. In the case of online reservations, the reservation is only confirmed after a positive response to your reservation request. We reserve the right to request advance payment or a reservation fee.

2.    Cancellations

Algarve SUN BOAT Trips reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change any trip or itinerary for any reason, including, but not limited to: chartering of the vessel;insufficient number of reservations; climatic conditions; mechanical problems; medical emergency; on-the-job strike or stoppage; local holidays; and other reasons, without penalty for the Algarve SUN BOAT Trips company. We do not take responsibility for cancellations for the following reasons: natural disasters, weather conditions, system failures or other reasons not dependent on us. In these cases a refund is made of any amount you have already paid.
The cancellation of a tour by the participant must be made in writing, at least 48 hours before the start of the tour. If cancellation does not comply with the stipulated advance, a cancellation fee will be charged in the full amount of the ticket. There will be no refund of the reservation fee if the cancellation is made less than 48 hours in advance or the client does not appear.
All cancellation expenses are subject to additional charges incurred by Algarve SUN BOAT Trips with transportation, accommodation, food and drinks, contracted services or other non-refundable charges related to the reservation made by the passenger.These additional costs will be charged to the passenger in addition to the normal cancellation charges.
Once started the activity, except with the agreement of the participants, can not be interrupted due to wind, temperature, rainfall, ripple or other factors external to the company, except in case of security risk. In case of voluntary interruption by the client, there is no right to a refund.

2.1.    Use of Vessels

Algarve SUN BOAT Trips reserves the right to change boats, in situations of technical failures or adverse weather conditions. In this situation will be used another boat, being charged the same rate.

3.    Prices

Algarve SUN BOAT Trips reserves the right to change the prices of its tours at any time, without prior notice, ensuring the prices for which you have purchased your ticket.
The prices shown in our brochures are correct at the time of printing. They are subject to variations resulting from the unforeseen increase in government charges, taxes or surcharges on fuels, as well as changes in any external costs unrelated to the Algarve SUN BOAT Trips. Prices include VAT (at the legal rate in force). Children up to 2 years of age travel for free. Children from 2 to 10 years old at the time of shipment travel with a 50% discount.

4.    Children

All children under 18 years of age on boarding day must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult over 18 years of age. The Algarve SUN BOAT Trips does not guarantee the availability of restaurant seats, safety seats for buses, or other children's equipment.

5.    Place and Time of Departure

The time and place of departure can be found in the ticket, e-mail or the description of the tour on our website. Participants should address in a timely manner to the boarding place. The delay of the participants may imply their exclusion from the activity, without reimbursement. The start time may be subject to change in case of adverse weather conditions. Please confirm the start time the previous day.

6.    Hired Services

The local guides, meals on land, some providers of transport services (eg buses and transfers) and other necessary services are contracted to third parties and are not employees of the Algarve SUN BOAT Trips. Thus, in providing these services, the Algarve SUN BOAT TRIPS acts only as a sales agent and is not responsible for any claims against these entities that result from actions on their behalf. In these cases you should submit a complaint to the supplier responsible for this service.

7.    Itineraries

The exact itineraries and times at various points of the route may change. We work flexibly, and some of these moments can be extended or shortened depending on the dynamics of the group. The duration and itineraries of the activities are subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions and tides.

8.    Wireless Internet Connection

Our boats have free wireless internet connection. The bandwidth of the connection and the coverage area are limited but sufficient for normal Internet use. The use by a person may be limited to allow more passengers access to the Internet.

9.    Photos, Videos and Mailing List

Algarve SUN BOAT Trips reserves the right to include your e-mail contacts in our mailing list to send news about the company. During our activities we will be able to collect video and image to promote the company. If you wish that this information is not available you must inform orally inform our team at the beginning of the tour.

10.    Behavior

Algarve SUN BOAT Trips promotes ecotourism activities, promotion of natural, cultural and environmental heritage. We hope you respect the nature and ways of life of the places you visit. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel an activity if behaviors that conflict with this philosophy and code of conduct.

11.    Pets 

On the boats of the Algarve SUN BOAT Trips, pets are not allowed. Guided dogs and other animals for personal support will be authorized and will need to be subject to specific coordination at the time of booking.

12.    Insurance

All boats Algarve SUN BOAT TRIPS fully meet the requirements of insurance required by the Portuguese law for the type of boat and service.

13.    Complaints and Refunds

Algarve SUN BOAT Trips has a complaints book and reports to Turismo de Portugal.
We shall only consider complaints and refund requests made in writing by the complainant to Algarve SUN BOAT TRIPS within 5 days after the service ended. All disputes will be settled at the District Court of Silves, with the express exclusion of any other.

14.    Omissions

Cases not mentioned in these terms and conditions shall be discussed with the company and subject to the laws in force in Portugal.

15.    Forum
In case of dispute, the competent court, waiving any other, is the district of Silves.

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