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Imagine yourself on a boat so silent that you can only hear the laughter of the passing water and the waves on the shore. A boat that doesn't travel on a cloud of exhaust gases. A boat that harvests its own fuel from the Sun, while traveling and swaying at its mooring. A boat that honors the traditions, watches over the future and has no pollution impact on nature...



The newest, sleekest, most amazing boat of our fleet.

This 12 meter catamaran powered by clean electro-solar energy, does its sustainable boat trips since the summer of 2021.

It has a hard deck and comfortable cushioned seating, with plenty of shade from the solar panels. You'll have a luxurious experience, with top sailing performance. Plenty of space to relax in comfort up to 30 people.

Perfect for all ages and occasions.


This is the original eco electro-solar boat and the first one of our fleet! This 7 meter monohull makes us very proud since 2018. Suitable for inner waters and quiet coast sailing.

The seating is extremelly comfortable, with tables to enjoy a glass of wine or refreshments.

The panels can be used to sit, wet your feet and sunbathe. There are some stairs so that you can enjoy a swim on private rentals.

Perfect for all ages and occasions.

Plenty of space to relax in comfort up to 11 people.

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