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To have a "fleet," you need at least two boats, right? We promise, we're not exaggerating!

Come aboard our luxurious eco-friendly boats and get ready for an adventure exploring the Benagil Caves, Silves River or enjoying a Private Tour or Special Event.

Revel in the finest comforts and top-notch amenities on board, all while leaving no carbon footprint or pollution behind

Ahoy there, fellow adventurer!
WELCOME ABOARD with Algarve SunBoat
where sunshine and good times never set sail!



Behold the newest, slickest, most legendary vessel in our fleet.


This 12-meter catamaran, powered by clean electro-solar energy, has been conquering the seas since the summer of 2021.

The deck's a sun-soaked paradise with fantastic views, while at the cushioned seating, chillin' under the eco-friendly solar panel shade, feels like a warm hug from a sunbeam! It's like sitting on a cloud made of sunshine.

Get ready for a voyage fit for a captain, with top-notch sailing performance. There's enough room for up to 30 people to relax in total comfort. It's the perfect ship for sailors of all ages and any occasion!

The SunCat offers visits to the Benagil Caves and is also available for Private Rentals and Events with optional catering, making it ideal for all types of gatherings such as bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building, intimate weddings, or simply fun-filled days with family and friends.

Experience the Ultimate Eco-Adventure with Our SunCat Boat Tours:

Solar Boat Silves River Algarve SunBoat.jpg


Meet our eco electro-solar boat, the founding father of our fleet!

This 7-meter marvel has been rocking our world since 2018. It's the captain of calm waters and the maestro of coastal serenity for up to 10 people to lounge in absolute comfort.


Imagine seating so plush, it's like sitting on clouds—with tables for your wine-sipping or beverage-relaxing needs. And those solar panels? They're not just for power, they moonlight as the VIP lounge for chilling, toe-dipping, and sun-soaking sessions. Oh, and did we mention the 'stairway to splish-splash heaven' for those exclusive swims during private rentals?


Set Sail on a Serene Eco-Journey with Our SunSailer Boat Tours:


Founded in 2017 as Algarve´s first electro-solar powered eco-boat fleet, doing sustainable nautical tourism, leaving no impact on nature.
Join us on an unforgettable sustainable experience.

Icon 0 Impacto Natureza.png


Electro-Solar Powered, with no emissions


Our boats don’t consume fossil fuels and don’t emit greenhouse gases (GHG). The solar electric motors don’t spill oils and don’t produce exhaust fumes.



Our boats are CE certified

The seats are padded and shaded.


You will feel relaxed and safe, with a sense of well-being and communion with nature.

Icon Eletro Solar.png


No annoying engine noise


On our tours, you will be able to hear the pleasant sounds of nature, the sea and you can have conversations with your group and crew.

Join our eco-friendly boat tours, where the ocean's waves do the dance, and our boats follow the rhythm! It's not just a tour; it's a sea-worthy party for you and Mother Nature.


Pick your boat tour and let's make waves together!

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