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Arade River Tour

Explore the scenic Arade River on a historic boat tour from Portimão to Silves, with approximately 1h30m to explore this enchanting Medieval city.

On the way back, enjoy the views and a glass of wine!

We go with the tide, so this tour is only possible on a few days each month, with timing varying according to high tide.

Private tour available up to 10 people.



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All year

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Adults / Children




Portimão Marina


Arade River


Adults: 39€

Children (3/10): 25€

Not suitable for infants, except on private tours

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Who says you can't blend eco-friendliness with pure indulgence?


Hop aboard for a luxurious journey along the Arade River and Silves, where we sail and solar-power our way to an adventure that will become your favorite bragging story for years to come!


Enjoy a relaxing trip from Portimão to Silves aboard our sustainable eco-friendly boat on the historical waters of the Arade River, where the future meets the past.

Our ecological boat is quiet and perfect for those who look for a peacefull and relaxing boat trip. Picture yourself settling into plush, cushioned seats, shaded like a VIP at a beach party, with tables ready to cradle your drinks and personal treasures.

As we sail, the captain turns into your own storyteller, sharing interesting facts about the Arade River and its epic history.


When we hit Silves, the land of historical wonders, you've got about 1h30m to explore. Unleash your inner explorer, conquer monuments, storm the castle, and dive into the cultural feast of the museum or delicious local cuisine.

On the way back to Portimão, get ready for the cinematic sequel with a glass of wine. The city unfolds before you like the grand finale, and the Arade River's mouth becomes the backstage pass to a view that's more refreshing than a sip of coconut water on a summer day. 

Join us for an unforgettable, fun, and eco-conscious nautical escapade!

Simon G | Tripadvisor

"Really enjoyed this trip from Portimao to Silves on a silent solar powered boat. Good commentary from Pedro punctuated with a lot of humour. Peaceful trip, followed by an hour and a half in Silves to sight see. Fascinated by the storks nesting on top of the many chimneys from Portimao to Silves, very normal in Portugal but interesting to us. Just the right length. Highly recommended."

Important Info

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Boarding 15 minutes before

Be sure to check in at the pier at least 15 minutes before the tour starts. We want you on board and ready for the adventure!


Don't forget:

Don't forget the sunscreen, hat, cap or beanie, a jacket or windbreaker, comfortable footwear and a bottle of water (in case you get thirsty) and your phone or camera to capture amazing pics! Ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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Live Local Guide

Our crew members, fluent in both Portuguese and English, will serve as your live guides, narrating interesting facts about the local history of the arade river, silves, portimão and the surroundings. It's like having your personal storyteller—educational and entertaining!

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You can cancel with a full refund up to 48 hours before your tour date. No refund for cancellations within 48 hours or no-shows.

If weather conditions do not allow the tour to take place, or if we don't reach a minimum of 4 persons, we'll have to cancel the tour, but worry not! If the original plan needs a change, we'll sprinkle it with a dash of rescheduling magic, possibly on the same day or in the days that follow. And if all else fails, we'll whip out the refund solution faster than you can say "sea breeze".

Make sure to keep an eye on your email and phone, just in case we drop you an email or call.


Where can I park my car?

You can park at Portimão Marina, with about a 5 minute walking distance until the pier entrance.

During the summer, the Portimão Marina park tends to get quite crowded. At the roundabout before entering the Portimão Marina park, next to the NH Hotel, there is a summer parking area where you'll pay a fixed affordable price, with no time limit. You'll also have easier parking space and still be close to the boarding pier, approximately 7 minutes away. We recommend parking there during the summer instead of using the Portimão Marina parking lot.

Why do the times and dates of this tour vary so much?

This tour's schedule is intricately tied to the ebb and flow of tides. When the water completely disappears during the low tide in Silves and with the river also being silted, it makes it impossible to get there by boat anytime we want. We can only set sail on specific dates each month, carefully aligning with the tides. Our time in Silves is limited due to the changing water levels, and we want to ensure you experience the best of this adventure before the tide decides to play hide-and-seek

Can I bring my own drinks/food?

Feel free to bring your own water and light snacks on board. Just a heads up, kindly avoid bringing alcoholic drinks or large bags of food. With a generous 1:30 hour stop in Silves, you'll have plenty of time to explore and grab some snacks or even a meal. So, relax and enjoy the journey, knowing you'll have the perfect opportunity to refuel when we make our stop!

Is the SunSailer eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Our boat is designed with sustainability in mind, ensuring a low environmental impact. We use solar and electric power to enhance your cruising experience.

Can I bring children on the Historic Silves & Arade River Tour?

While our tour is indeed family-friendly, we highly recommend considering a private tour when bringing children along. Shared tours have restrictions, such as no infants allowed and a maximum of 2 children per tour. Why, you ask? Well, we want to ensure a serene experience for all travelers. The duration of shared tours might be a bit much for our younger guests, making it challenging for them to maintain a quiet atmosphere. Private tours offer the perfect solution, allowing for a more tailored experience, especially for families. Plus, if the weather permits, we're more than happy to make a stop for a refreshing swim, making it an even more memorable adventure!

Why can't I make a booking with children or infants for a certain date/time?

On the Historic Silves & Arade River Tour, there's a maximum number of 2 children and the tour isn't suitable for infants. When there are already other bookings that have reached the maximum number of children you won't be able to book. Please choose another date or time.  It's possible to have more children/infants on-board on private tours.

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