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Thanks for booking with us!
We will be delighted to welcome you aboard.

Please meet us at Portimão Marina Pier M, 15 minutes before the start time of your tour.

We have prepared a map for directions to the boarding point and more information about your tour itinerary.

GPS: 37.121961, -8.528116


  • Please plan your car itinerary ahead and make sure you have enough time for parking without being late for the boat departure.

  • In the summer months, give yourself some extra time in case you have trouble parking or if you deal with traffic jams.

  • The boarding time starts 15 minutes before the boat departure time. Please get to Pier M entry on time.

  • Make sure the contact number you gave us on your booking is working so that our crew can contact you if necessary.

  • If you go by Taxi or Uber, ask them to take you to "Rua Simão Correia", close to the river (Yellow Buildings), as if you ask them to take you to "Portimão Marina", it can be up to a 10-minute walk away from the boat.

  • Have this info easily accessible until your check in and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help getting there.

If you want to use our app, you must download it on your device:

Interactive content will only be available when you start your tour. Don't forget to turn off your mobile data when using the app during the tour and connect to the SunBoat wifi - Password: internet

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If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us:


See you soon!

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