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IF THERE IS NO SUN can the solar boat sail?

This is perhaps the question we most often hear from our customers.

It makes perfect sense, when we talk about a boat that runs on electro-solar energy this doubt to come to our mind.

Whether it rains or shines, day or night, our boats always have access to energy, both solar and, if necessary, electric. This energy is stored in batteries (which are the equivalent of our fuel tank).

The boat captain always has access to the percentage of battery available and our tours have been carefully planned so that there is a balance between battery capacity, boat speed and distance covered.

The most amazing thing about the solar energy is that the boat is getting power, even while sailing. With a perfect balance between speed and weather conditions, our boats could sail indefinitely, without the need for fossil fuels and without polluting the ocean.

So come with us on a sustainable boat trip without any fear or uncertainty! Discover the wonderful Algarve coast between Portimão and Benagil or take a trip along the historic waters of the Arade River to Silves.

More questions? We will be happy to answer!


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