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Algarvian company introduces Arade in a solar boat, in silence and without a “cloud of gases” behind

The idea is to show the beauties of the River Arade with the least impact on nature as possible, while providing a more pleasant experience for those who come on board. Algarve SUN BOAT Trips has invested in the acquisition of solar boats, an investment that will continue in the future and which may reach 1.3 million euros.

At this stage, it's already possible to sail the Arade river in a boat that uses exclusively the energy of the sun to move, in silence and without "a cloud of exhaust gases" behind. The trips depart from the Marina of Portimão or Silves, with customers being able to choose between several options: “Boca do Rio”, “Pôr do Sol” and “Subida or Descida do Rio”, always with a refreshing drink and snack on board.

«The company is the first to embark from Silves and carry out the separate upstream and downstream routes. In addition, there is also the possibility of making personalized and private tours, excellent for birdwatching or events», according to Algarve Sun Boat Trips.

According to Pedro Mestre, company administrator, after the initial investment, people are already thinking “about the expansion and diversification of the fleet”. «We have an exclusive agreement for these boats on the Rio Arade and we will soon have more solar boats in other areas of the Algarve. We expect a total investment of 1.3 million euros, with around 500 thousand euros in the space of one year, and to create more than 10 new jobs », he revealed.

More than contributing to the economy, Algarve SUN BOAT Trips makes this investment thinking about the environment. «A typical boat consumes at least 50 liters of gasoline every 100 kilometers. After a year, our solar boat saves the environment by emitting 30 tons of CO2, something like 17 million liters of carbon dioxide. And this is just a boat for 12 people», he illustrated.

The company offers prices from 15 euros per adult and 7.5 euros for children aged 3 to 10 years, with reservations being made online, on the Algarve Sun Boat Trips website, where you can also find more information about the services provided.

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